A for Athlete

This page helps to understand the wiki and aim of the ABCs pages.


Name the pages, ABCs-SPORTNAME. SPORTNAME is a variable and should be replaced with the name of the sport.

Empty page for framework[]

Begin by getting a copy of the page, Sandbox-ABCs, and then putting it into the new page name.

So, if you are going to make a new page for ABCs-Philly Stickball, do the following:

  • Log in. Then we'll know who is doing the edits and better build a releationship.
  • Go to Sandbox-ABCs page.
  • Go to the edit button at the top of the page called Sandbox-ABCs.
  • Select all the content.
  • Copy all the content.
  • Use the search box at the left of the page and enter the sports name, in this example, Philly Stickball after ABCs- so as to be ABCs-Philly Stickball. This is an easy way to make a new page. First search for the page, and if it is not already a page title, the option of creating a new page by that name is given a link.
  • Click create page'.
  • When the new page opens, paste to put the copy of the ABCs-Sandbox into the page.
  • Edit the content.