The to-do list for the employees in the Learn & Earn program and for all BGC staff. This page was updated in 2018 and created July, 2015.


A $400,000 Productivity Tip

A $400,000 Productivity Tip


Get ClearancesEdit

Staff of the BGC, you must get onto payroll.Edit

Workers must fill out the BGC TimesheetEdit

Under 18? Then is your Workers Permit obtained and turned in too?Edit

Folder Built and CheckedEdit

  • Make sure you get a "folder" for yourself with Mark Rauterkus. This is really a black Compuserve envelope that has your name written on the white part.
  • The envelope stays with coach in a shoulder bag throughout his day and is the place to pick-up and drop off handouts and paperwork.
  • This is where you'll find your pay-check, some day in the future, we hope.

Make a home page on this wikiEdit

  • Type your name in the search bar at the top of this page. See if a wiki page about you has already been started. If not, begin one. If so, add to it.
  • Since we are going to make a home page for everyone in our activities with Summer Dreamers, we need you to know how it works.

Get onto the Google CalendarEdit

  • See Calendar.
  • Subscribe yourself to that google calendar as it has dates, times and places for all of our activities this summer.
  • Know the calendar. Look at it often. Ask your questions to Mark Rauterkus,

Play with the A-B-C lettersEdit

  • Check them out.
  • Build words with them.
  • Talk vocabulary.
  • Tie the letters and the past messages to the new efforts this year.
  • The letters are something to build upon. Don't repeat what was already done.
  • Run a race and pass over the A-B-Cs in order.
  • Run a race and spell different words. Person 1 goes to D-O-G. Persone 2 goes to C-A-T.
  • Run a race and run your own name, finding every letter and passing over it.
  • Find the A-B-C letter on the wiki pages.
  • Put a new photo or word onto the A-B-C letters in the wiki pages of that letter.

Get a copy of the app, TeamUnify onto your smart phone if you have a smart phoneEdit

  • Get the coach version, not the parent one.
  • You'll need a username and password. This can be sent to you from the site with a request from the administrators.
  • We use TeamUnify among the coaches to take and track attendance and other data that might be needed when with the students at the pools or running.
  • Soon working,

Get a photo of everyone in our activities in Summer DreamersEdit

  • Can be on your phone's camera.
  • Position should be: Source of light -> camera -> subject in photo.
    • Don't have the sun nor the windows in the background as the photos are not good enough.
  • Upload the photos to this wiki.
  • Use the photos of the kids on their home page in the wiki.

Get working on Digital Badges/Goals/Level_1Edit

Get the app: P.T. HelperEdit

  • If you have an iPhone, you can get a version of PT Helper for no charge. Go to the Apple store, search, download and install it. Cost $0.
  • Those with an Android type phone, you do not need to download it, but could. The cost is $.99 now.
  • This app will be more expensive in the future.
  • We will have this app on our tablet devices in Summer Dreamers and use the app with the Digital Badges/Exercises/Routines.

Get a good grip on the MilestonePodEdit

  • Get the device.
  • Insert battery and lace device into shoe as instructed.
  • Install the app on your smart phone
  • Read and watch the tutorials at the company site,
  • Communicate your serial # to your wiki home page.
  • Communicate your username and password for the MilestonePod to the wiki home page too.
  • Update the firmware on the device.
  • Take a run.
  • Sync the data between the pod and the phone, and in turn the cloud.
  • Help fellow staff and the campers get their devices functional.
  • Tell others about the device around town and share that they are available to purchase at GNC.
  • Train more and start to get a grip on how the device can help you with motivation and knowledge.
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