Background[edit | edit source]

  • Pool game invented for swim teams.
  • This is a 2-team, wing-man, tag game with continual freestyle and stroke counting and occasional leg crossing.
  • Named after Top Gun (movie)

Insights[edit | edit source]

Pool, no lane lines with 2 teams. Team 1 by lane 1. Other team by lane 6 (or 8). within the greater squad, every swimmer/player/pilot has a partner/wing-man. Two players try to take off from base together and work together on their mission.

The players / pilots crash and burn if they break their freestyle stroke. Head up okay, tiny strokes okay, turning tight corners okay, but freestyle throughout. Two strokes with one arm and/or treading water is NOT okay = crash and burn. When you crash and burn, you go to a neutral wall and do 20 press-ups and the walk to your team's base (and perhaps can return to game with a wingman).

To tag a player on the other team, you must touch the player on the legs or feet (below the waist). Can't break stroke to make the tag, otherwise you crash & burn.

Once tagged, swimmer must cross his or her legs and swim 20 freestyle strokes with legs crossed. After 20 strokes with legs crossed, resume normal swimming at full strength. If tagged again within those 20 strokes while legs are crossed, then that person is "shot down." Once shot down, exit pool, do 20 sit-ups. Return to your base (alternative rules = go to other team). and resume game.

Goal is to to tag a player on opposition and then your wingman re-tag the same opposition player soon afterwards (before opponent is able to do 20 strokes) so as to shot-down opponent.

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