Background[edit | edit source]

  • Ubuntu Studio alternate install DVDs is a version of Ubuntu specifically for audio, graphics, and video production that includes Rosegarden4 as well as tons of other packages.

Details[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

Do all the updates (esp. security) after install first thing before using it.

Package list:[edit | edit source]

Basic infrastructure

  alsa-tools - Console based ALSA utilities for specific hardware
  alsa-tools-gui - GUI based ALSA utilities for specific hardware
  linux-image-rt - Low latency kernel
  qamix - Configurable mixer for ALSA

JACK and JACK Utilities

  jackd - JACK Audio Connection Kit (server and example clients)
  qjackctl - User interface for controlling the JACK sound server
  bitscope - diagnosis tool for JACK audio software
  jdelay - A small command line JACK app you can use to measure the latency of your sound card.
  meterbridge - A collection of Audio meters for the JACK audio server
  patchage - modular patch bay for Jack audio and Alsa Midi
  jack-tools - various JACK tools: plumbing, play, udp, ctl, scope, clock

Sound editing and recording

  audacity - Swiss army audio editor
  timemachine - JACK audio recorder for spontaneous and conservatory use

Audio playback

  xmms - Versatile X audio player
  xmms-jackasyn - JACK Output plugin for xmms
  xmms-modplug - ModPlug plugin for XMMS

Digital Audio Workstation software

  ardour - Digital audio workstation (graphical gtk interface)
  beast - music synthesis and composition framework


  fluidsynth - Real-time MIDI software synthesizer
  bristol - vintage synthesizer emulator
  freebirth - Bass synthesizer/sample player/sequencer similar to Rebirth
  qsynth - fluidsynth MIDI sound synthesiser front-end
  zynaddsubfx - Realtime software synthesizer for Linux
  csound - powerful and versatile sound synthesis software
  swami - SoundFont editor


  linuxsampler - software audio sampler
  sooperlooper - Looping Sampler LADSPA plugin


  aconnectgui - graphical ALSA sequencer connection manager
  rosegarden4 - music editor and MIDI/audio sequencer
  hydrogen - Simple drum machine/step sequencer
  seq24 - Real time MIDI sequencer
  jackbeat - audio sequencer
  muse - Qt-based midi/audio sequencer
  tk707 - drum sequencer for a sound card or MIDI device
  shaketracker - MIDI sequencer with tracker GUI

Effects and signal processing

  jack-rack - LADSPA effects "rack" for JACK
  tapiir - A tool for real time audio delay and feedback effects
  freqtweak - Realtime audio frequency spectral manipulation
  jamin - Audio mastering from a mixed down multitrack source with JACK
  creox - real-time guitar effects
  jackeq - routes and manipulates audio from/to multiple sources

DJ tools

  terminatorx - A realtime audio synthesizer
  mixxx - A digital DJ interface (for beat-mixing)

MIDI Utilities

  timidity - Software sound renderer (MIDI sequencer, MOD player)
  vkeybd - Virtual Keyboard program

Musical typesetting

  denemo - A gtk+ frontend to GNU Lilypond
  lilypond-data - LilyPond music typesetter (data files)
  lilypond - A program for typesetting sheet music

Miscellaneous / uncategorized

  gtick - Metronome application
  puredata - realtime computer music and graphics system
  audatious -

Plug-ins package list:

  aeolus - Aeolus is a synthesized (i.e. not sampled) pipe organ emulator
  blop - Bandlimited wavetable-based oscillator plugins for LADSPA hosts.
  caps - A collection of refined LADSPA plugins.
  cmt - (Computer Music Toolkit) A collection of LADSPA compatible plugins.
  fil-plugins - Parametric equalizer LADSPA plugin.
  hexter - Yamaha DX7 modeling DSSI plugin
  ladspa-sdk - Sample tools for linux-audio-dev plugin architecture.
  mcp-plugins - LADSPA plugins designed for Alsa Modular Synth.
  omins - Collection of LADSPA plugins geared at modular synthesizers.
  swh-plugins - Steve Harris's LADSPA plugins.
  tap-plugins - Tom's Audio Processing LADSPA plugins.
  vcf - Audio EQ biquad filter LADSPA plugins.
  dssi-example-plugins - Example DSSI plugins.
  dssi-host-jack - An example DSSI host.
  fluidsynth-dssi - Soundfont player/synth for DSSI.
  xsynth-dssi - A classic-analog style softsynth DSSI plugin.
  dssi-utils - Command-line utilities for sending commands to DSSI plugins.
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