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High School Swim Team plays Underwater Hockey in Pittsburgh[]


Underwater Hockey Intro at Schenley-0

Swim Practice on a January Saturday was devoted to learning and playing the game of Underwater Hockey. We had a blast. Coach played too. Score was 10-9, with six on six game for more than an hour.

Underwater Hockey intro

Schenley Swimming played Underwater Hockey for the first time at a Saturday swim practice in January 2010. In the photo, Erik uses his stick on the floor of the deck to field a puck. Two middle school swimmers played too. They were bald due to their recent swim championships. The game was 10-9 and lasted for more than an hour.


Promotion of Underwater Hockey[]


Underwater Hockey

Promotion of other sports[]


Get an introduction to underwater hockey at Saturday Swim School. The age level of middle-school to senior citizen is invited to attend these swim school practices. Once a critical mass of any age group and gender is reached, then practices are structured for specific age groups, such as with only middle school players, or only adults or only high school players. At the outset, and in 2016, these are not expected.

For people new to underwater hockey, you'll need to get better at being able to swim and snorkele. Have you snorkled? Getting used to the gear (mask, snorkel, stick, optional glove and fins) usually takes some time. it might take a few practices for middle school players to get the skills with the gear in the water. Once players are used to the gear, the players should practice diving down and swimming straight forward with the puck on their stick. Then comes the explaining and understanding of the rules and some chances to scrimmage. It could be done in an hour.



Group of players at Mt. Lebanon's high school pool.