Insights[edit | edit source]

Code of Conduct[edit | edit source]

Everyone will commit to uphold Urban impact's philosophy of creating a loving atmosphere through respecting themselves, respecting others, respecting authority, and respecting property.

No one will fight or execute Physical threats while participating in or attending any aspect of the league.

Everyone will respect the property of Urban Impact, the Pittsburgh Public Schools, and each other, and will not damage, deface, or steal property. trash items must be discarded into trash cans prior to leaving.

Everyone will commit to abstain from verbal abuse directed toward players, coaches, volunteers, referees or Urban impact staff. this includes using profanity or vulgar language while participating in or attending any aspect of the league.

These standars apply to players, coaches, referees, staff, volunteers and spectators. Code of conduct violations will result in removal from the gym and facilities and in certain cases, suspension from upcoming league games and events.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Playoff Eligibility[edit | edit source]

Players must attend the devotional on no fewer than three different weeks during the seven week regular season to be eligible for the playoffs. Check your current eligibility status at the scorers' table.

League All-Star Game[edit | edit source]

Two players from each team will be selected by the head coaches. Eight additional players will be selected by the league commissioner.

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