Philosophy: Basically use whatever works best, regardless of manufacturer.[edit | edit source]

True: one can argue that the Steelers new stadium is going to be the best stadium. The Steelers stadium is going to work better than classic, Pitt Stadium. However, that line of thinking goes counter to the first word, basically.

The use of the Steelers stadium rather than Pitt Stadium, for Pitt, is not a "basic" type-of decision. Plus, Pitt's decision isn't a basic decision for Pitt. And, the decision to raze Pitt Stadium and move Pitt football practices is not a basic decision with City Council's interest. These are non-basic choices.

In the basic, free-market world, one gets to pick the best breakfast cereal. One does get to choose the best automobile. One gets to choose the best telephone service provider too, more recently. These basic decisions offer a diversity of options. The choice is not one or not two.

Having only one stadium is the worst! Keeping two stadiums is much better and a superior decision results.

The Steelers and city leaders have a monopoly and often use harsh tactics. That deserves our disapproval, and it deserves swift and decisive action against the moving of Pitt football out of Oakland to the South Side for practices and to the North Side for games.

Basic Trends: City Council Backs URA Decisions[edit | edit source]

Basically, City Council doesn't buck up against the URA efforts. Let's draw a line in the sand here, as the URA has gone too far.

Come About[edit | edit source]

In sailing, one makes a lot of zig-zags to go up-wind. In sailing, term "come about" means a change in direction. A "come about" on this development makes for a change of directions but a the same course goals are expected. The citizens, not the corporate interests, are going to be on the down-wind side for a while. The UPMC folks need to be a driving force again, in due time, after the winds shift, and after they get a chance to study the compass. Learned Lessons

I do believe that our shared future is going to be bleaker if Pitt's history includes unblemished support from City Council at the closing of Pitt Stadium and the moving of programs to sites that don't fit said programs.

Pitt has used the steamroller in this case and in the past against the citizens, the students, the faculty senate, the hospital rivals, the state legislature. Pitt is on an unbridled roll, and history can take a turn with a sound rejection of these moves by City Council.

The URA is also in a time of high flight that should be grounded in reality, quickly, by the citizens and by the City Council.

Pitt and the URA need to learn new lessons on how to operate in the future. Repressive conduct does not fly here. City Council is wise to their ways. City Council is willing to act upon these insights. Pittsburgh will be better because the wisdom is displayed and visible in City Council's votes. Pitt, the URA and perhaps even the Mayor and the citizens will be all the wiser for these lessons learned.

Now that things are improving with development in Pittsburgh, the local faithful are beginning to find the hope to put themselves back in the ballgames of tomorrow. The perception of Pittsburgh is already changing from one something to a new something. What becomes of the new place is still a guess, but it has to include wise decisions, wise leadership that engage, and a citizen-culture that says we are here to work together for everyone's benefit.

In the months ahead, the people and the business sectors are going to respond to this new-world order issued by City Council's defeat of Pitt's lame-brained plans. Dumb ideas don't fly here. Let's get out the word that we have to craft ideas of excellence based upon sound philosophies. In fact, Avid is about to release a major new upgrade on the Mac side that incorporates much of the work they did recently on the Windows side. This is a release that very well might have been scrapped had Apple not recovered so stunningly. Sooner or later Pitt and the Pro-Corporation Planners were going to be forced to back off in their tactics. The time is here. The truth is, Pitt is a pretty decent place and all the people in planning around the city are trying their best. But, we have to set a new course for the right reasons and outcomes.

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