A for Athlete


  • We are here working on Olympicpedia. We enjoy sports and we are working on the idea of Cloh.

I am an 8th grader at Frick Middle School. I swim with the JCC Sailfish in Pittsburgh. I like to play all sports. However my favorite sports are probebly swimming, basketball, and hockey. I also play the violen. I play violen with 3 groups. One is my Susuki then my school and lastly XSO. XSO is a group that i play in that fitures music like rock, fiddle, jazz, and much more like that kind of music.

Sports Activities

My activities are:

  • Swimming
  • Basketball
    • I play basketball for a league called Ozanam.


  • Violen
  • Ozanam
  • Play with friends
  • Read and Write
  • Politics

Some infromation on the Olimpics: [1] Wikipedia:Olimpic Games

Olympic Events

Summer sports:

Synchronized diving/ Open Water Swimming

Winter sports:

Swimming Resources

Letter to Embassy Row