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Some years ago, a large collection of how-to volleyball content from various text books and manuals were blended into a set of PDF documents. These are available for you to download and enjoy, at no charge.

These books were published by Mark Rauterkus in association with weekend volleyball coaching clinics in the United States.


This file needs to be put into the same directory as the other files in the Volleyball Electronic Book series. Then, the navigation among the books is easy for the reader. So, get this file, then "Save As..." so that the file with the same name is placed onto your local computer. Then do the same with the all of these files:


All of the books, with paper and ink, are now out of print:

  • Gold Medal Volleyball Drills by the Reebok Gold Medal Volleyball Clinics Coaching Staff, features more than 100 drills by a number of national coaches.
  • Volleyball Notes, by Doug Beal, July 1992 by Sports Support Syndicate, Paperback, 219 pages, isbn = 1878602705


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