220 National Collegiate Club Student-Athletes Named to 2010 CWPA Men's Scholar-Athlete TeamEdit

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. -- A record total of 220 National Collegiate Club student-athletes garnered recognition on the 2010 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Men's Scholar Athlete Team.

Previously named the All-Academic Team, the program honors both varsity and club student-athletes who have achieved grade point averages of 3.2 or higher and competed during the 2010 men's season.

Overall, 73 athletes were honored with Outstanding (3.71-4.0) recognition, while 89 earned Superior (3.41-3.7) and 58 were recognized with Excellent (3.2-3.4) accolades.

The total obliterates the previous record of 193 honored collegiate club student-athletes set last year.

Cornell University topped the team grade point average race with a 3.82 cumulative GPA, 0.24 better than runner-up the University of Miami (3.58). The University of Maryland (3.54), University of California-Los Angeles (3.53), St. Louis University (3.51), University of Virginia (3.51), Grinnell College (3.50), Macalester College (3.44), Dartmouth College (3.36), University of California-San Diego (3.31), Clemson University (3.30), University of Delaware (3.20) and United States Military Academy (3.03) also cracked the 3.0 mark to lead 16 programs which exceeded the 2.75 team GPA necessary for inclusion as a Scholar-Athlete Team.

Among varsity selections, 110 student-athletes garnered recognition as the total number of recognized CWPA student-athletes comes to 330, a 27 player increase over the previous conference record of 303 athletes achieved with the 2009 CWPA Scholar-Athlete Team, and 29 teams.

Outstanding (3.71-4.0)
Samuel Cleary University of Iowa
Michael Keane University of Virginia
Dustin Lee California Polytechnic State University
Michael Mauhar Clemson University
Patrick Kellish Clemson University
Parker Caldwell Colgate University
Michael Riccione Colgate University
Alex Schlichting Cornell University
Sean Lyons Cornell University
Jack Robbins Cornell University
Andrew Broenen Cornell University
Patrick Martin Dartmouth College
Chris Kaiser-Nyman Grinnell College
Nathan Krishnan Grinnell College
Jeff Wickman Knox College
Noah Rosen Macalester College
Jeffrey Yamashita Macalester College
Aaron Larsen Macalester College
Nathan Schachtman Macalester College
Jose Mora Miami University
Fortnato Botbol Miami University
Joseph Giamo Miami University
Anthony Kanelidis Miami University
Andrew Nicklawsky St. John's University (Minn.)
Aaron Sinner St. John's University (Minn.)
Andrew Hovel St. John's University (Minn.)
Jack Buelter St. Louis University
John Heafner St. Louis University
Dan Goeddel St. Louis University
Michael O'Neill St. Louis University
Ray Kreienkamp St. Louis University
Robby Vavrik St. Louis University
Daniel Pike St. Louis University
Chad Conlin Texas Tech University
David Garrett Texas Tech University
Jake Bundy Texas Tech University
Damien Hines Texas Tech University
Brandon Clumpner United States Military Academy
Shane Lowe United States Military Academy
Pengfei Zhang United States Military Academy
Mike Scott University of California-Los Angeles
Caleb Greig University of California-Los Angeles
Stephanie Romano University of Delaware
Greg Doolittle University of Delaware
Roger Montenegro University of Florida
Eric Ho University of Florida
Steven Brown University of Florida
Travis Catron University of Florida
Adam Grippin University of Florida
Anthony Harel-Canada University of Florida
Lawson Floyd University of Georgia
Chris Maurer University of Georgia
Colin Handzo University of Maryland
Cara Shillenn University of Maryland
Ian Glennon University of Maryland
Mitch Bernstein University of Maryland
Jeff Lopez University of Nebraska
Nikolas Bravo University of Nebraska
Steve Bailey University of Pennsylvania
Kerry Kellogg University of Pennsylvania
Samuel Thomas University of Utah
Sam Leventhal University of Utah
Christopher John Creveling University of Utah
Robert Klein University of Virginia
Christopher Walkins Vanderbilt University
Braxton Vinson Virginia Tech University
Daniel Strait Virginia Tech University
Brian Schmitt Virginia Tech University
Dan Lusher Virginia Tech University
Parker Fields Virginia Tech University
Joshua Truppman Washington University in St. Louis
Howard Rudnick Washington University in St. Louis
Timothy Greer Washington University in St. Louis
Superior (3.41-3.70)
Miles Ware Clemson University
Jesse Schultz Clemson University
Natalie Quin Clemson University
Michael Larson Clemson University
Megan Doherty Clemson University
Brian Sayler Colgate University
Michael Chamberlain Colgate University
Chris Moe Cornell University
Doug Greer Cornell University
Mohammed Alsamrrai Cornell University
Will Derdeyn Dartmouth College
Daniel Harnish Dartmouth College
Tanay Ganga Dartmouth College
Daniel Hochman Dartmouth College
Ray Li Dartmouth College
Jake Nevola Dartmouth College
Christian Sherrill Dartmouth College
Alejandro Gomez-Barbosa Dartmouth College
Dylan Gray Grinnell College
Beck Ringdahl-Mayland Grinnell College
Cyrus Mistry Grinnell College
Daniel Wells Grove City College
Seth Brooks Grove City College
Adrienne Wagner Knox College
Alex Jandernoa Knox College
Luke Madson Knox College
Bekah Bally Knox College
Kelley O'Connor Knox College
Vinod Malwatte Macalester College
Zachary Huffman Macalester College
Nathan Young Macalester College
Clark Jacobson Macalester College
Ricardo Herrera Miami University
Ryan Freedman Miami University
Hernan Gonzalez Miami University
Ryan McMinds Miami University
William Bucciero Miami University
Alan Groll Miami University
Daniel Baldwin Texas Tech University
Jake Roberts United States Military Academy
Eric Kim United States Military Academy
Tommy Cornelius University of California-Los Angeles
Jacky Kwong University of California-Los Angeles
Zack Straube University of California-Los Angeles
David Tomajan University of California-Los Angeles
Taylor Davis University of California-San Diego
Niko Kaplanis University of California-San Diego
Josh Humbertson University of Delaware
Brian Montenegro University of Florida
Jason Mammino University of Florida
Kunal Patel University of Florida
Alex Ballasiotes University of Georgia
Phong Nguyen University of Georgia
Drew Duckett University of Georgia
Graham Kellams University of Georgia
Evan Mannes University of Maryland
Nate Huckill University of Maryland
Ryan Aceto University of Maryland
John Savio University of Missouri
Sam Neal University of Nebraska
Bryan Shuey University of New Mexico
Mike Weiss University of Pennsylvania
David Restle University of Pennsylvania
Nabil Mehta University of Pennsylvania
Andrew Shapiro University of Pennsylvania
John Taylor Adams University of Utah
Graham Earl Charlton University of Utah
Joey Connor University of Virginia
Sammy Brennan University of Virginia
Walt Deppe University of Virginia
Will Fehringer University of Virginia
Drew Bowers University of Virginia
Patrick Grube University of Virginia
Jeffrey Chidester University of Virginia
Tommy Heckleman University of Virginia
Geoffrey Handsfield University of Virginia
Gunnar Miller University of Virginia
Patrick Monk University of Virginia
Will Magrann Villanova University
Mike McArdle Villanova University
Matt Brawley Villanova University
Ben Mix Villanova University
Bryan Robinson Villanova University
Nick Cipiti Villanova University
Ian McDonough Villanova University
Marty Selgas Virginia Tech University
Curtis Eisen Washington University in St. Louis
Sandor Adam Kovacs Washington University in St. Louis
Robbie Gottlieb Washington University in St. Louis
Excellent (3.20-3.40)
Andrew Douglas Clemson University
Rachel Sparks Clemson University
Ryan Shields Clemson University
Greg Reutershan Colgate University
Jared Kee Dartmouth College
Michael Otte Dartmouth College
Nicholas Tropin Dartmouth College
Hannah Lytle Grinnell College
Sam Sherwood Grinnell College
Alec Knight Grinnell College
Eric Mistry Grinnell College
Christian Dehli Grove City College
Drew Archibald Grove City College
Jonathan Fung Hamilton College
Tory Kassabaum Knox College
Kai Cowger Macalester College
Vasily Trubetskoy Macalester College
Paolo Benneri Macalester College
Juan Lopez Miami University
Jay Li Middlebury College
Jesse Otis St. John's University (Minn.)
Paul Gomez Texas Tech University
Hollis Young United States Military Academy
Johnny Nguyen United States Military Academy
Max Scott University of California-Los Angeles
Bill Farmer University of California-Los Angeles
John Boogaard University of California-Los Angeles
Rusty Morris University of California-Los Angeles
Griffin Talan University of California-San Diego
Patrick Rolan University of California-San Diego
Mac Delaney University of California-San Diego
Geoff Boss University of California-San Diego
Matthew Bogott University of California-San Diego
Ryan Tanakit University of California-San Diego
Eddy Ennedy University of California-San Diego
Peter Pa University of Delaware
Kevin Mullaly University of Delaware
Tommy Cellini University of Georgia
Robert McHugh University of Iowa
David Roberts University of Maryland
Nicholas Keao University of Missouri
Chris Frimel University of Missouri
Arjun Pai University of Pennsylvania
Blake Winston University of Pennsylvania
Nick Grover University of Pennsylvania
Daniel Scott Bradley University of Utah
Ryan Stevens University of Virginia
Jacob Stock University of Virginia
Stuart Taliaferro University of Virginia
Nolan Caine University of Virginia
Joey Bouchard University of Virginia
Yuriy Alexandrovich Iskrenko Vanderbilt University
John Beyer Villanova University
Daniel Weeks Villanova University
Ryan French Villanova University
Jeff Yau Villanova University
Peter Ollis Virginia Tech University
Scott Wilson Virginia Tech University
Team GPA Award (2.75 or higher)
Cornell University 3.82
University of Miami 3.58
University of Maryland 3.54
University of California-Los Angeles 3.53
St. Louis University 3.51
University of Virginia 3.51
Grinnell College 3.50
Macalester College 3.44
Dartmouth College 3.36
University of California-San Diego 3.31
Clemson University 3.30
University of Delaware 3.20
United States Military Academy 3.03
St. John's University (Minn.) 2.92
Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University 2.92
Grove City College 2.79


110 Varsity Student-Athletes Named to 2010 CWPA Men's Scholar-Athlete TeamEdit

BRIDGEPORT, Pa. -- 110 men's varsity student-athletes garnered recognition on the 2010 Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA) Scholar-Athlete Team.

Previously named the All-Academic Team, the program honors both varsity and club student-athletes who have achieved grade point averages of 3.2 or higher and competed during the 2010 men's season.

Overall, 33 athletes were honored with Outstanding (3.71-4.0) recognition, while 43 earned Superior (3.41-3.7) and 34 were recognized with Excellent (3.2-3.4) accolades.

The numbers mark an increase in the number of athletes that garnered Outstanding honors, up nine from 24 in 2009, and equals the total number of varsity athletes honors (110) registered following the 2009 season.

Brown University topped the team grade point average race for a third year in a row as the Bears turned in a 3.57 cumulative GPA. St. Francis College (3.43), Harvard University (3.39), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (3.36), George Washington University (3.20), Johns Hopkins University (3.16), Princeton University (3.16), Bucknell University (3.11) and Iona College (3.03) follow as each of the program's exceeded the 3.0 barrier to lead 13 programs which exceeded the 2.75 team GPA necessary for inclusion as a Scholar-Athlete Team.

In the club ranks, a record 220 student-athletes were honored with 73 Outstanding, 89 Superior and 58 Excellent awards.

Overall, the total number of recognized CWPA student-athletes comes to 330, a 27 player increase over the previous conference record of 303 athletes achieved with the 2009 CWPA Scholar-Athlete Team.

Outstanding (3.71-4.0)
Toby Espinosa Brown University
Cyrus Mojdehi Brown University
Max Lubin Brown University
Corey Schwartz Brown University
Steven Chizen Brown University
Trevor Reitz Bucknell University
Matt Napleton Bucknell University
Ali Arat Fordham University
Martin DeJong Fordham University
Mark Connor Fordham University
Cameron Illes George Washington University
Michael Mazzara George Washington University
Adam Streeter George Washington University
Brett Voith Harvard University
Antone Martinho Harvard University
McCarty Paolo Iona College
Ryan Scott Iona College
Michael de Lyon Johns Hopkins University
Jeremy Maurer Johns Hopkins University
Kyle Maurer Johns Hopkins University
Brian Gardiner Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Nikola Otasevic Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Danilo Svorcan Mercyhurst College
William Page Mercyhurst College
Ian Tasman Mercyhurst College
Nick Loukides Penn State Behrend
Michael Desroches Penn State Behrend
Albert Galainena Princeton University
Nemanja Simonovic St. Francis College
Tamas Toth St. Francis College
Nikola Djuric St. Francis College
Richard Polgar St. Francis College
Jackson Hummeldorf U.S. Naval Academy
Superior (3.41-3.70)
Brandon Yoshimura Brown University
Marcus Gartner Brown University
Eric Robb Brown University
Grant Villeneuve Brown University
Svetozar Stefanovic Brown University
Chris Cullin Brown University
Dean Serure Brown University
Alex Nowlin Bucknell University
Howie Kalter Bucknell University
Spencer Richley Bucknell University
Paul Reamey Bucknell University
Robert Fleming Fordham University
James Field Harvard University
Will Roller Harvard University
Kevin DiSilvestro Harvard University
Alexander Thompson Harvard University
Jeff Lee Harvard University
Alexandre Popp Harvard University
Neal O'Hara Harvard University
Sean Davis Iona College
Cody Siemeck Iona College
Brandon Crane Iona College
Stefen Hill Iona College
Gerrard Clark Johns Hopkins University
Jeremy Selbst Johns Hopkins University
Charles Weintraub Johns Hopkins University
Matt Perkins Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Columbus Leonard Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Andrew Sekulski Mercyhurst College
Kurt Buchbinder Princeton University
Nick Gilligan Princeton University
Mike Helou Princeton University
Dominick Pugliese Princeton University
Peter Schulam Princeton University
Stefan Gencic St. Francis College
Boris Plavsic St. Francis College
Guram Nozadze St. Francis College
Bosko Stankovic St. Francis College
Igor Mladenovic St. Francis College
Marko Gencic St. Francis College
Sean McDonald U.S. Naval Academy
Luke Baldwin U.S. Naval Academy
Joel Elenbaas U.S. Naval Academy
Excellent (3.20-3.40)
Walter Shockley Brown University
Michael Hartwick Brown University
Daniel Schwartz Bucknell University
Andrew Somers Bucknell University
Cashel Barnett Fordham University
Mikey Edwards Fordham University
Christian Flessner Fordham University
John Paul Bezzera George Washington University
Paul Deasey George Washington University
Guy Helman George Washington University
Michael Katzer Harvard University
Evan Zepfel Harvard University
Nathan Clement Harvard University
Henry Clausner Harvard University
Camerson Hudson Iona College
Matthew Joslyn Iona College
Kristian Bocage Iona College
Gavin Darcey Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Kevin Hsiue Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Alex Mattfolk Massachusetts Institute of Technology
John Preis Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Colin McDonald Mercyhurst College
Alex Moggridge Mercyhurst College
Andrew Opalewski Penn State Behrend
Tyler Amina Princeton University
Chris Cottrell Princeton University
Constantine Nakos Princeton University
Szabolcz Erdei St. Francis College
Marko Dzigurski St. Francis College
Filip Sasic St. Francis College
Archie Warren U.S. Naval Academy
William Krause Washington & Jefferson College
Michael Johnson Washington & Jefferson College
Nathan Steiner Washington & Jefferson College
Team GPA Award (2.75 or higher)
Brown University 3.52
St. Francis College (N.Y.) 3.43
Harvard University 3.39
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3.36
George Washington University 3.20
Johns Hopkins University 3.16
Princeton University 3.16
Bucknell University 3.11
Iona College 3.03
Fordham University 2.98
Washington & Jefferson College 2.90
Mercyhurst College 2.87
Penn State Behrend 2.76
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