Q Day Report (Earthquake in Feb 2011)[edit | edit source]

Jan Hance Wharenui Pool[edit | edit source]

Location:Cnr Matipo and Elizabeth Streets Riccarton

I had just begun a meeting with CCC staff to talk about the future of swimming venues for Christchurch. The quake struck - we looked at each other and said "we should get under the table". I clutched someone - the first time ever. when it stopped, all I could think about were the 40 or so children in our pool having schools lessons - I was frantic. I know I kept saying "the kids, the kids". I felt embarrassed at how worried I was.

We ran down the hall and opened the doors to the pool and were met with a wall of water - my staff had already removed the children from the pool and had them against the walls - reassuring them. I felt so proud of them. I was in shock I think, the teachers from the school were very calm and took control of their students immediately. We had no idea how bad things were at that stage. Once I had made sure the school kids and teachers were alright I allowed myself to worry about my own children. The guys from the CCC left immediately - knowing they would be needed as civil defence personnel, amazing response to an amazing situation.

Special meets[edit | edit source]


Weekly plans[edit | edit source]

Plans for the national training group for the weeks in May 7, 2007, and May 14, 2007. Written by the head coach, Martin Harris.


Blank attendance sheet.

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