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Willie Stargell


Willie Stargell "What If I Didn't Play Baseball" (1974)

Back when baseball was America's favorite pastime, back when baseball players were heroes, there was no bigger hero than Pittsburgh Pirate Willie Stargell. Exclusively available here, this entertaining and revealing documentary, the stars come out to tell why they consider "Pops" Stargell one of the greats... not only on the field but in his community as well. Hear what Hank Aaron, Casey Stengel, Mickey Mantle, Bill Virdon, Danny Murtaugh, Leo Durocher, and even Muhammad Ali have to say about their friend Willie Stargell. And from Hollywood; Phyllis Diller, Marty Allen, Frank Gorshin, Vin Scully, and Bing Crosby show up to praise and to rib the Pirate left fielder. Illustrated with action-packed footage highlighting his career from rookie draft pick to World Series MVP, Stargell speaks out about lifting himself up from poverty with his baseball talents; how he survived life in the minor leagues; how he spends time off the field working with disadvantaged youth. Willie talks about his home run hitting technique with legendary Pirates broadcaster Bob Prince. Then we see Stargell helping the 1971 Pirates win the Seventh Game of the World Series against the Baltimore Orioles. Afterwards we join him and his teammates, including his close friend Roberto Clemente, in the wild post game party. It's an uplifting celebration of baseball the way it used to be played, with all-time great Willie Stargell. aired in 1974. - Synopsis written by Lawrence D. DeVincentz Willie Stargell Stats:

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