Winner Within (book) by Pat Riley[edit | edit source]

Pat Riley’s head coaching résumé includes five NBA championships and three Coach of the Year honors. As an executive, he’s been a part of three NBA championships and in 2011 was named the league’s Executive of the Year. The Winner Within is Riley’s game plan for team players in all of life — not just on the court but in business, at home and in personal achievement. This book reveals his winning strategies that inspire change, motivate teamwork, and unleash the winner within us all.

“If you’re going to be a championship team, you have to think championship thoughts. ‘It’s OK to lose’ will never be one of them,” Riley writes. “If you hear yourself, or your teammates, starting sentences with ‘If only’ or ‘I could’ve’ or ‘We should’ve,’ you’ve heard thoughts that are going in the wrong direction.”

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