A for Athlete

News from Auckland, New Zealand (also known as NZL) Flag of New Zealand in March 2011[]


If you hear depth charges, cluster bombs or grenades going off in Henderson, New Zealand (also known as NZL) Flag of New Zealand, don't worry.

It will be coming from the World Bombing Championships at West Wave.

An expected 46 competitors will take part in the final with eight participants from west Auckland.

The athletes will compete in several disciplines including the bottle bomb where a competitor holds on to an empty plastic bottle while bombing.

It's then shot up into the air like a rocket.

Another favourite will be the atomic bomb where the winner makes the largest and loudest splash.

Bombing is a variation on diving with the aim of making the biggest splash possible.

The event has been organised by three Auckland stuntmen with a passion for the art of large splashes.

Organiser Daniel Andrews says he was impressed with the skill shown over the past few weeks in the qualifying rounds.

"Excuse the pun but I would say I have been blown away," the 30-year-old says.

He says it is a summer hobby which New Zealand kids claim as a birthright.

Fellow organiser Tim McLachlan says himself, Mr Andrews and Matt Bennett always wanted to transform bombing into a national sport.

But it was only after he made a short film called Frosty Man and the BMX kid that the trio decided to make their dream a reality.

The film centres on a boy performing bombs off a cliff.

"We want to take bombing worldwide but first we need to build it up here in New Zealand to show it is a viable thing to get behind," he says.

"Hopefully we can start doing regional competitions next year and then turn it into a world competition."

There will also be an attempt at the world record for the biggest human splash.

"We will have 40 of the participants bombing into the dive pool all at the same time," Mr McLachlan says.

"We rehearsed it last week with 10 divers going off the boards and 20 bombing from the side of the pool."

There will be two attempts which Mr McLachlan promises to be a spectacle.

The final will start on March 27, 2011, at 10am to 2pm. Entry costs $1.