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Background[edit | edit source]

Geo Device from Garmin.

Insight[edit | edit source]

  • XP/Geocaching Aerobics is a series of progressive learning experiences that enable participants to fuse technology with cardio workouts.
  • Students learn the basics of geocaching using the Global Positioning System and a GPS device on a pre-set course in a local green space. Participants can work in teams to find hidden "cache" boxes around the course, using maps and instructions alongside their GPS unit.

After they've successfully completed a course, they have the opportunity to expand the learning with other challenges on other days by creating their own course and challenging a friend to complete their course. As an added challenge, participating youth incorporate running into this digital XP, by racing against the clock or another team to set a personal record of how quickly they can complete the course and find all of the hidden caches.

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Art[edit | edit source]

The sign for Geocaching.

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  • XP/Geocaching Aerobics

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