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Goals Level 1 Description

This badge recognizes successful planning taken in the goals process.

The badge acknowledges the student's planning-based skills in the conation cycle--demonstrated through the setting or selection of four or more goals.

Completion Time

The successful completion of the goals process is likely to take the earner the entire duration of the Summer Dreamers Academy program--enough time for the student to go through all of the steps and develop the goal-seeking disposition that the process cultivates.

This particular level takes less than an hour to complete.

Evaluation Criteria

  • List four or more personal goals to be worked towards during the summer
  • Post this list to this wiki or some other social network as a public declaration of purpose

Badge Issuers

Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo coaches will determine completion of this level, as they will be part of the goal achievement support network for the athletes. They will check to see if and where the goals list has been posted by the student before awarding the badge.


Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo coaches will be oriented in the City of Learning badging process during their initial training by the Summer Dreamer supervisors and management before the summer session. As part of this initiation, they will be made aware of the requirements for the goals badges and be taught how to perform the necessary evaluations to award the badges.

Additional Considerations

Goals programming will be an integral part of the Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo curriculum, so attaining the different Goals Level Badges will be a goal (heh) for each and every student. Hopefully, this process will encourage participants to set positive, far-reaching goals that encourage self-improvement and perseverance in every aspect of their lives, but particularly fitness and wellness.

Level 1 Resources for Getting Started

You are already a goal setter!

1) You got yourself here and into Summer Dreamers today.

2) You already know something about swimming or another special sport. And,

3) You have a chance to identify four goals – four skills that you would like to improve this summer at the camp.

Directions: How to get started:

1. Before you, <insert name here>, click the button below, check your logged in. If <insert name here> is logged in and your username appears, great. Otherwise, log out of A for Athlete and log in again with your correct username. Tip: Fill out your goals, not another person's goals.

2. After you click the button below, type <insert name here>/Goals Level 1. The new worksheet page needs a name and location. You'll want to find this page later.

3. Once the new worksheet is created and named, edit and write on that wiki page. Type in places where you see the hints, such as _(edit this)_. You can click and use the BACKSPACE key to remove the _(edit this)_ parts and then type your answers there.

4. Save your work often. Save and edit and save again and edit again and repeat often. If the battery dies on your device or if it is time to go to the pool, your work should be saved.

5. Write down the four goals that you would like to improve. These goals must be for skills that you already know, and with some hard work, you can improve. The goals for what you are planning to do must be reasonable. So, what you are planning is NOT some out-of-sight idea. Rather, you know that it is a sensible and fair thing for you to do.

6. For each of the four goals, write out “what you have going for you.” This observation helps to insure that the goal is feasible. To be feasible, what you want to do has to be possible for you to do. And, to be feasible, you have to have the capacity to do the work needed to make the goal happen.

7. For each of the four goals, identify potential hazards. Think about what might slow you down as you work toward your goal. Think about what might distract you from reaching your goal. This kind of thinking in the first place helps you avoid the hazard in the future.

8. Set a target date for the completion of each goal.

Now you are ready begin! GET STARTED AND GO FOR IT!

Click the Goals Button Below