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Goals Level 4 Description[]

This badge recognizes successful reflection taken in the goals process.

The badge acknowledges the student's reflection-based skills in the conation cycle--demonstrated through a week of identification of stressors and distractions while working towards goals.

XP Template for LRNG entry[]


  • XP/Goals/Level 4




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Resources (optinal)[]

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Submission Requirements[]

Describe the evidence a learner must submit to complete this XP.

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Learning Details[]

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Completion Time[]

The successful completion of the goals process is likely to take the earner the entire duration of the Summer Dreamers Academy program--enough time for the student to go through all of the steps and develop the goal-seeking disposition that the process cultivates.

This particular level takes a minimum of a week of self-reported reflection on personal stress and distraction from goals.

Evaluation Criteria[]

  • Complete all previous goals levels
  • Daily review of your goals for a week
  • Report each day what caused wasted energy in the form of stress or distraction while working towards goals


Badge Issuers[]

Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo coaches will determine completion of this level, as they will be part of the goal achievement support network for the athletes. They will use self-reporting and journaling feedback from the students to assess whether the requirements have been completed.


Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo coaches will be oriented in the City of Learning badging process during their initial training by the Summer Dreamer supervisors and management before the summer session. As part of this initiation, they will be made aware of the requirements for the goals badges and be taught how to perform the necessary evaluations to award the badges.

Additional Considerations[]

Goals programming will be an integral part of the Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo curriculum, so attaining the different Goals Level Badges will be a goal (heh) for each and every student. Hopefully, this process will encourage participants to set positive, far-reaching goals that encourage self-improvement and perseverance in every aspect of their lives, but particularly fitness and wellness.