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XP Template for LRNG entry[edit | edit source]

Title[edit | edit source]

  • XP/LiveCode HTML5

[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

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Resources (optinal)[edit | edit source]

Are there any resources that would help learners complete this XP?

  • http://
  • Enter Resource Title
    • Repeat if desired.

Submission Requirements[edit | edit source]

Describe the evidence a learner must submit to complete this XP.

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Learning Details[edit | edit source]

Set the Interest, Age, Participation, and Duration of your XP.

  • Interest
  • Age Appropriateness
  • Estimated Duration
    • hr
    • min

Tasks[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

How to send an email message from a HTML5 page on the web, but the message goes via the client's e-mail system as anonymous, or, the end-user may have no e-mail client configured.[edit | edit source]

  • Option 1: "launch url" with a 'mailto:' URL. This would invoke the locally configured email client (and is what revMail does). This won't (I believe) work in the HTML5 engine yet because we haven't hooked it up (to my knowledge at least). I *think* this would be possible (It would ask the hosting web-browser to launch the url).
  • Option 2: Put a web-service on a server and get that to send the email. This requires no client-side email configuration but does require configuring a web-service to do it. Indeed, there might be third party services out there which could be used. Again, Peter would have to comment on the feasibility of whether this would work in the HTML5 engine at the moment since I cannot recall off the top of my head which (if any) URL primitives we have yet implemented.

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