Background[edit | edit source]

  • Get an account at PayPal.
  • With an account, you can spend money. And, you can also earn money.
  • Guardian and/or parent permission is required.

Insights[edit | edit source]

Freelance workers choose when to work, where to work, and how to work. That flexibility sounds too good to be true, and it is, mostly. Having the talent, building the skills, finding the customers, obtaining the jobs and delivering the work products is not as simple as a walk on the beach. Beware of pitfalls. And, once you wade in further, beware of the hustling sharks too. This work-life of a freelancer is not even possible until you have established a trusted system for getting paid. Hence, the need for your own PayPal account. PayPal allows others to give you their money.

Opening a PayPal account is an early step in the voyage of being a freelance worker. PayPal accounts are places where many are able to start, grow and expand business on the internet and in your neighborhood.

Getting your own account with PayPal so you can both spend money and receive money in return for your goods and services is process similar to getting into a firm's payroll system after being hired for a company job.

After you have established a PayPal account, your curious adventure into the realm of doing a freelance job can bring its rewards, a transaction, a money exchange, and, perhaps, a first dollar that can lead to an eventual stream of income and perhaps, a pay-check.

  • Use PayPal to get paid for teaching some swim lessons.
  • Use PayPal to get paid for mowing grass, raking leaves, shoving snow.
  • Use PayPal to get paid for designing websites, t-shirts or graphics.
  • Use PayPal to get paid for tutoring Algebra or giving private music lessons.

PayPal takes care of payments, so you can run your business.

The standard PayPal Payments account costs $0 per month. With such an account you can easily accept more forms of payment and accept credit cards and PayPal from your web page, and create and email invoices for faster payments. PayPal can even hosts your online checkout so that your customers leave your web page for checkout, and use the PayPal hosted interface. Then the customers can return to your pages after a purchase. With that type of setup, no shopping cart is required.

If skeptical, and if questions, you and advisers (parents and guardians) should call the PayPal sales team at 1-855-787-9082.

When you sell something with a PayPal account and transaction, PayPal's fee is 2.9% + $0.30 per sale. For example, if a USA buyer pays $10 into your PayPal account for a swim lesson, the cost of the credit card transaction is 2.9% ($.29) and $0.30 per sale for a total of $0.59. That means the $10 becomes $9.41. That's a small price to pay for accepting all forms of payments from more than 179 million customers worldwide. There are no hidden fees. You don't have to pay anything until you get paid for selling something. The rates at PayPal are competitive in the industry.

PayPal has an option for Micropayment Discounts. If you are going to be selling lots of $2 items, or if your transactions typically average less than $10, you could save money with PayPals “5% plus 5¢” rate. See the examples for a business that usually accepts $2 payments on the PayPal pages that address merchant fees, .

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