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The Digital Badges/SKWIM offers a way to track water-safety proficiency for students of all ages.

The SKWIM Digital Badges are aligned with the efforts of the sport's founder and the associated International SKWIM® Certification. The International SKWIM Certification efforts compliment most swim lesson plans. Likewise, the Digital Badges/SKWIM can be deployed as an enhancement to existing in swim lesson programs around the world.


The Digital Badges/SKWIM have three qualifying standards of measure. These are called R.E.D. Standards.

  • R = RESPONSE – pool/beach practicum and online safety response test.
  • E = ENDURANCE – a measured endurance standard in deep water.
  • D = DISTANCE – a measured distance standard in deep water.

The R.E.D. Standards are used in all five certification levels and likewise, within all five Digital Badges/SKWIM.

Five Levels for XP/SKWIMEdit

XP/SKWIM has five levels.

SKWIM Badge Cert Level 1

Level 1Edit

  • R. = 22 of 25 questions;
  • E. = 5 minutes;
  • D. = 100 meters

A participant can gain the Level 1 Digital Badges/SKWIM by passing a test with a correct response of 22 or more out of 25 questions, and by swimming 100 meters and going five minutes without touching the bottom. 

SKWIM Badge Level 2

Level 2Edit

  • R. = 45 of 50 questions;
  • E. = 10 minutes;
  • D. = 250 meters

A participant can gain the Level 2 Digital Badges/SKWIM by passing a test with a correct response of 45 or more out of 50 questions, and by swimming 250 meters and going 10 minutes without touching the bottom. 

SKWIM Badge Level 3

Level 3Edit

  • R. = 67 of 75 questions;
  • E. = 20 minutes;
  • D. = 500 meters

A participant can gain the Level 3 Digital Badges/SKWIM by passing a test with a correct response of 67 or more out of 75 questions, and by swimming 500 meters and going twenty (20) minutes without touching the bottom. 

SKWIM Badge Level 4

Level 4Edit

  • R. = 90 of 100 questions;
  • E. = 40 minutes;
  • D. = 1 kilometer

A participant can gain the Level 4 Digital Badges/SKWIM by passing a test with a correct response of 90 or more out of the 100 questions, and by swimming 1K (1,000) meters and going forty (40) minutes without touching the bottom. 

SKWIM Badge Level 5

Level 5Edit

  • R. = Lifeguard Certified;
  • E. = 60 minutes;
  • D. = 1.5 kilometer

A participant can gain the Level 5 Digital Badges/SKWIM by passing a lifeguard certification test and course, and by swimming 1.5 kilometers (1,500 meters) and going 60 minutes (1 hour) without touching the bottom.

Details: SKWIM Content for Student StudiesEdit

Chapters from SKWIM's Curriculum are introduced and studied at appropriate levels:

  • SAFETY: Supervision, Lifeguard Duty, Buddy System, UVA, PFD’s, Safety/Rescue Gear
  • DYNAMICS: Density, Buoyancy; Displacement, Resistance, Lift, Safety Strokes, Entry/Exit,
  • H2O-EFFECT: COF, CG, Pressure, Depth, Visibility, Quality, Exposure, Ice, Hypothermia
  • CONDITIONS: Beach, Lake, River, Eddies, Vortex, Currents, Tides, Wind, Swells, Surf, Storms
  • ENVIRONMENT: Beach Topography, Jetty, Beach / Dock Safety, Water Craft, Marine Life Safety
  • TECH-RESPONSE: 911, Deck, Beach & Water Rescue Techniques and Gear, First Aid, CPR, AED


Step 1


  • SKWIM Badge Level #


  • Bloomfield-Garfield Corporation

In what program(s) can this badge be earned?Edit

  • Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo

Competency. What are you badging?Edit

  • Peer Assistance
  • Rules & Procedures
  • Playful Learning
  • Personal Growth

Evidence. What does it look like to demonstrate this competency?Edit

  • Ability to pass Response, Endurance, and Fitness (R.E.D.) Tests

Activities. What activities produce the intended evidence of this competency?Edit

  • SKWIM activities and training in and out of the water produce the R.E.D. skills and knowledge that is desired and tested for in the evaluation for the badges.


  • Knowledge
  • Skill

Step 2: Badges build bridges to other opportunities. How does this badge connect to other offerings in the community?


Step 3:

Name of Badge:Edit

  • International SKWIM Certification Level # Badge

Short Description (~50 characters):Edit

  • The badge certifies SKWIM R.E.D. Level # qualification.

Remake Learning Focus Area (circle all that apply): CAREER READINESS CODING & GAMING DESIGN & MAKING

  • Fitness

Formal Description (~160 characters):Edit

  • The badge certifies that all of the Response, Endurance, and Fitness requirements of the SKWIM Level # have been demonstrated by the earner.

How long will it take to earn this badge?Edit

  • It is dependent on the starting fitness level of the athlete in question and how much concentrated effort that the athlete puts forward in acquiring the knowledge required to pass the written test and develop the skills to pass the endurance and fitness examinations.

Who created this badge? (Name(s), role(s))Edit

Who will issue this badge? (Name(s), role(s))Edit

How and when will the issuer evaluate whether a student earned this badge? What are the criteria for earning the badge?Edit

  • The issuer will evaluate whether a student earned this badge when they perform the R.E.D. Level # test on the student who has either claimed or demonstrated that they are ready for the challenge. The criteria for each R.E.D. Level # test are laid out above for each level.

What artifacts or evidence could be shared associated with earning this badge?Edit

(URL, Text, Photo, Video, Audio)

How, when, and by whom will badge issuers and evaluators be trained?Edit

  • Summer Dreamers Swim and Water Polo coaches will be oriented in the City of Learning badging process during their initial training by the Summer Dreamer supervisors and management before the summer session. As part of this initiation, they will be made aware of the requirements for the International SKWIM Certification Level # Badge and be taught how to perform the necessary evaluation to award the badge.

Will the evaluation be ongoing (formative) or at the end of the program (summative)?Edit

Pick one:


Circle the method by which this badge will be assessed:Edit


Remake Learning Competency (please identify the competency or competencies most aligned with this badge):Edit

(circle all that apply):


Will earning this badge be a goal/requirement for all participants in your program?Edit

  • No

Is this badge connected to other badges? If so, how?Edit

(e.g. a student must first earn another badge in order to be eligible to earn this badge, this badge can be earned separately from or concurrently with another badge, etc.)

  • Required badges: Deep-Water-Swim Badge
  • These badges progress numerically as well, with each previous number being required to attain the next.

What challenges might exist that hinder the issuing of this badge?Edit

  • Access to preparation materials for the written test.

What will success look like for your badging program?Edit

  • If the athletes use these badges as fitness and knowledge goals that drive them to become better swimmers and SKWIMmers, improving their overall health outcomes.

Technology Audit: What technology is available to support students in setting up online accounts?Edit

(i.e. full access to computers/tablets, partial access to computers/tablets, access to internet but no access to computers/tablets, no access to internet on program premises, etc.)

Additional Discussion PromptsEdit

(keep the conversation going with your Helpdesk member)

What unique benefits does this badge provide to your program?Edit

What unique benefits does this badge provide to program participants (earners)?Edit


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