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a) Put on a PFD in the water. Next, remove the PFD and help someone else (another swimmer / victim) put on that PFD.

b) Do skill A above, then cross your arm over the chest of the victim and pull that victim for at least 25 yards.

c) Enter deep water in a cross style entry with a rescue tube rescue entry.

d) Enter deep water surf style and surf paddle for at least 25 yards.

e) Perform reach assist to a victim and tow the victim using sidestroke with a rescue tube back to safety and at least 25 yards.

f) Perform crawl-to-backstroke rotations for at least 25 yards. Often called, corkscrew (stroke).

g) Kickboard and fins 50 for at least 50 yards in a flutter kick and then an additional 50 yards in a whip kick.

h) Practice calling, "backup!" Then make a water entry.

i) Do a Life Ring toss rescue for two victims.

j) Practice relays with fins then without and report findings to all.

k) Tie a sling for a victim with a pretend broken arm. No need to really break an arm to practice.

l) Swim hands high for at least 25 yards.

m) Do at least 25 yards doing paddle surfing with a LIFE rescue tube.


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