A for Athlete
Yasmine Smith


A-B-C terms[]

  • Effort, verb. Work hard. Try your best. I use a lot of effort.
  • Frog kick, verb. Related to butterfly kick. Push off. I did a frong kick across the water.
  • Learn, verb. Teach. To teach and listen. I learned how to swim.
  • Turnover, noun. Give the other team the ball. I had to turnover the ball after touching it with two hands at the same time.

Reflections fron SDA14[]

  • Today we had a race in the water. We ran 7 laps and did sit-ups and stretches plus a little bit of swimming. (7//18/2014)
  • We did land water polo: boys vs. girls. We did stretches. We ran a half-a-mile. (7/21/2014)
  • I had practiced my hand stands with one and two hands. I put my feet above the water in a straight position. I practiced floating above the water. I kick my feet in circles, and i tried to stay up as long as I could. That's treading water. (7/22/2014)
  • We played Ameba tag then we played freeze tag. Not a lot of people got tagged. Then we went to go to the park. (7/29/2014)
  • Today I was working on my jumping. I did cannon balls, great! I'm too scared to go diving in the deep just yet. We had a contest: Who could jump the farther? (8/4/2014)